Annual Conference 2017 Delegate Booking Form
Creating a Positive Parking Experience

Central Hall, Westminster, London. Thursday 5 October 2017.
Please contact the Membership team with any queries ( or 01444 447319)


BPA Member Rates

£99    + VAT   Full Public Sector Rate                        
£49    + VAT   Reduced Public Sector Rate - applicable when one full price public sector ticket is purchased             
£199  + VAT   Full Commercial Sector Rate                 
£99    + VAT   Reduced Commercial Sector Rate - applicable when one full price commercial sector ticket is purchased       

Non-Member Rates

£299  + VAT   Non-member rate
£150 off your first year of corporate BPA membership when you sign up in 2017!   
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  • In the event that you wish to cancel your booking, the BPA reserves the right to apply the following cancellation charges and to re-sell the ticket/s:
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    0 – 21 days before the event: The full cost of the ticket/s is payable

    22 – 35 days before the event: 75% of the full cost of the ticket/s is payable

    36 – 56 days before the event: 50% of the full cost of the ticket/s is payable

    Over 56 days before the event: 10% of the full cost of the ticket/s is payable

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